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Coffee Talk Series - 33

Ms. Christa Schmidt from the University of Maryland and Ms. Connie Chiu from The City University of New York shared their research on anti-Asian hate.

Coffee Talk Series - 34

Dr. Andrea Matos from the Department of Management, The Chinese University of Hong Kong shared her research on radicalization.

Coffee Talk Series - 33

Prof. Emma Buchtel from the Department of Psychology, The Education University of Hong Kong shared her research on neuropsychology and identity.

Coffee Talk Series - 32

Dr. Jack Klein from the Department of Psychology, The University of Hong Kong shared his research on identity fusion and intergroup cooperation.

Coffee Talk Series - 31

Prof. Siu-yau Lee from the Department of Government and International Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University shared his research on public policy and intergroup relations.

Coffee Talk Series - 30

Dr. He Kaibin from Credamo shared their innovative ideas on survey designs and online data collection. 

Coffee Talk Series - 29

Dr. Andrew Meyer from the Department of Marketing, The Chinese University of Hong Kong shared his research on cognitive reflection. 

Coffee Talk Series - 28

Professor Ren Li from the Department of Management and Marketing, Hong Kong Polytechnic University shared her research on social norms and humor.

Coffee Talk Series - 27

Mr. Nelson Wang from the Economist shared his experience with infographics and working as a researcher at the Economist.

Coffee Talk Series - 26

Professor Melody Chao and her team from the Department of Management, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology shared their recent research on perceived emotional display in organizations.

Coffee Talk Series - 25

Professor Lee from Department of Asian and Policy Studies,  Education University of Hong Kong shared his interesting findings on how nation-building and national education may perpetuate anti-mainland Chinese attitudes. 

Coffee Talk Series - 24

Professor Yan from Department of Psychology, University of Macau shared his expertise on using eye tracking technology to probe and investigate cognition in relation to reading English and Chinese text. 

Coffee Talk Series - 23

Irene Melani from Division of Psychology, Nanyang Technological University shared her project that how a group emerges and perpetuates the hierarchical systems under collective threat.

Coffee Talk Series - 22

Ginger ZENG and Yang WANG from Department of Psychology, CUHK shared their on-going projects about pre-attentive detection of cultural information by Visual Mismatch Negativity and differentiating outcomes of conformity with Feedback-related Signals respectively.

Coffee Talk Series - 21

Professor Gianluca Esposito from Nanyang Technological University presented his works about how genetic, hormonal, and environmental factors in combination with cultural contexts regulate early parent-infant interactional experiences.

Coffee Talk Series - 20

Professor Bobby K. Cheon from Nanyang Technological University visited and shared with us his recent research on psychosocial factors that may contribute to increased appetite and food intake

Coffee Talk Series - 19

Dr. Koen Dijkstra from the Chinese University of Hong Kong share his project about waste avoidance and affective reaction in sunk-cost decision-making.

Coffee Talk Series - 18

Professor Albert Lee from the Nanyang Technological University would come and share with us his findings and insights on Metaphorical Cleansing.

Coffee Talk Series - 17

Professor Xiaoqing Hu from the University of Hong Kong, on his expertise on memory and sleep, prejudice and stereotyping and implicit social cognition.

Coffee Talk Series - 16

Professor Chan Chi-Kit from Hang Seng Management College visited to share with us his insights on the heated issue of Hong Kong Identity.

Coffee Talk Series - 15

Professor Arnes Roets from Ghent University and the lab had a pleasant afternoon exchanging our findings and ideas, on Need of Cognitive Closure, and a lot more.

Coffee Talk Series - 14

Dr. Nhi Ngo shared with us her research on the topic "Attention to Context in Emotion Perception: Interaction of Perceiver- and Target- Associated Contexts"

Coffee Talk Series - 13

Dr. Li Wen-Dong from the Department of Management, CUHK spoke with us his thoughts and findings on Behavioral Genetics and work-related topics.

Coffee Talk Series - 12

Dr. Siran Zhan from Nanyang Technological University on her research on role identities and the trade-off between novelty and commercial viability

Coffee Talk Series - 11

Professor Evelyn Au from Singapore Management University shared with us her research on how Asians maintain motivations while making external attributions. What a treat!

Coffee Talk Series - 10

Dr. Li King King, from City University of Hong Kong, shared with us his present projects and recent publications. We are excited to know there's a huge overlap of interest and looking forward to future meetings! 

Coffee Talk Series - 9

Dr. Christian Chan, from The University of Hong Kong, shared with us his studies on the evolution of Hong Kong people's political views, a topic that is particularly relevant for both Hong Kong and our research project. Looking forward to future meetings with him.

Coffee Talk Series - 8

Dr. Gilad Feldman, from Maastricht University, shared with us his exciting research on social norms and action-effect. We have enjoyed his talk and learnt a lot.

Coffee Talk Series - 7

Ginger Zeng, a Ph.D. student supervised by Prof. Tse Chun Yu, presented her study on pre-attentive change detection of cultural information using visual MMN, with Prof. Tse and his team on May 26th, 2016. Other guests from Sun Yat-sen University and Marketing Department, CUHK also joined us in the discussion. 

Coffee Talk Series - 6

Prof. Melody Chao and her Ph.D student Donna Yao from HKUST discussed with us about their studies on essentialism and intergroup attitudes on May 4th, 2016. Wish them every success with this paper. 

Coffee Talk Series - 5

Dr. Alan Wong from the Department of Psychology, CUHK, shared us his labs' past and ongoing work.​

Coffee Talk Series - 4

Dr. Georgios Christopoulos from Nanyang Technology University spent a wonderful afternoon with us discussing his ongoing projects.

Coffee Talk Series - 3

Dr. Jamie Lien, Assistant Professor in the Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics, CUHK, and Prof. Zheng Jie, Visiting Scholar in the Department of Economics, CUHK, joined us on January13th to talk about their on-going study of cultural differences in strategic behavior.

Coffee Talk Series - 2

Dr, Fang Yang, former Ph.D student in the Department of Psychology, CUHK, paid us a visit on January 6th, 2016, on the topic of holistic vs. analytic processing. 

Coffee Talk Series - 1

Dr. Venus Lee, Research Assistant Professor, Department of Education Studies in Hong Kong Baptist University and Dr. Ivy Lau, Assistant Professor of Psychology (Education), Singapore Management University, paid us a visit to talk about the Uncanny Valley Hypothesis.

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