Research Projects

These are the projects that the lab is currently working on. 

Image by Martin Cox


Hong Kong Identity

Professor Hong has been working on Hong Kong identity since 1997. She has recently received a 5-year grant to study how people negotiate identity change during the sociopolitical transition. As Hong Kong moves towards integration with the Greater Bay Area of China, people are asked to confront their perceived historical differences and disagreements with Mainland China. Do people attempt to cope by changing their identity to fit with the new political demands or do people retain their identity and attempt to effect change in their environment?



Conspiracy Theories

This project attempts to unlock the psychological underpinnings of conspiracy beliefs across cultures. Particularly, in addition to asking what are the individual factors that contribute to conspiracy beliefs, we also attempt to discern whether there are different types of conspiracy beliefs and whether they share the same psychological underpinnings across cultures.

Image by Kajetan Sumila
Image by Andrea De Santis



In this project, we attempt to understand how beliefs about social contracts shape moral judgments. We are also investigating how arts affect moral judgment.



Environmental Psychology

We focus on research that attempts to overcome the psychological hurdles to engage in actions that promote climate justice. In one line of research, we study how economic deprivation may affect people's willingness to donate to environmental causes.