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Dr. ZHANG Zaixuan (Devin)



Personal page:

I have passed my PhD. oral defense this July, and now a holder of HKU Dissertation Year Fellowship. Previously, I got my bachelor ‘s diploma at HEU, and then had a RA experience at BNU. I am a keen social observer, and my research are mainly strongly related to social pheromones & chaos. I am looking forward to joining Prof. Hong’s lab in 2024.


Research Interests:

Morality & Moral Superiority


Group & Inter-group Process

I am currently a research associate at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. I received my Master’s degree in Cognitive and Decision Sciences from University College London and my Bachelor’s degree (Cum Laude) in Economics from Pennsylvania State University. My research interests include cultural priming, preference construction, motivated reasoning, and behavioral economics in general. I am looking forward to joining Prof. Hong’s Culture lab in the future.


Research Interests:

Cultural priming

Game theory

Motivated reasoning

Behavioral economics


Lin Xinquan


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