Old Globe

Lab Background


As the world is getting more globalized, we seek to take on the challenge of understanding how individuals respond to multicultural exposure. To this end, we try to advance both theories and methodologies.

In terms of theories, we have proposed Dynamic Constructivist Theory (Hong, Morris, Chiu, & Benet-Martinez, 2000), Multicultural Mind and Self (Hong, 2011), and Cultural Attachment Theory (Hong, Roisman, & Chen, 2006; Hong, Fang, Yang, & Phua, 2013) - these theories address the interface of culture, cognition, identity, and intergroup relations.

In terms of methodologies, on top of the traditional paper-and-pencil self-report surveys, we have used a wide range of methods (e.g., experimental priming, stimulation games, etcetera) to assess a wide modality of responses (e.g., reaction time, physiological responses, etcetera).

Our lab is currently developing capabilities in conducting research using genotyping and neuroimaging techniques. The ultimate goal is to understand how being exposed to multiple cultures (within and between nations) can impact individuals's processing styles and decision making processes.