Culture Lab

​​Identity, Decision Making, & Intergroup Processes

Personal Information

Qian is currently working as a Research Assistant under Prof. Ying-yi Hong, after graduating from the Postgraduate Certificate in Psychology (Distinction), The University of Hong Kong. Qian is interested in the bio/neuro basis of human cognition and behavior and have the plan to pursue Ph.D study in the field. 

Apart from work, Qian also enjoys readings on all kinds of topics, working-out, hiking, movies, and spending time with her cat.


Yu Qian (余倩)

Email: qianyu at
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Lab: Culture Lab

Research Interest

Cognitive/Behavioral/Affective Neuroscience

Perception of time, number, space, and event

Language, emotion, decision making, sleep, and aging related problems

Qian's ultimate goal is to combine behavioural experiments, neuroimaging, and computational modelling together to address the problems I am interested in.