Culture Lab

​​Identity, Decision Making, & Intergroup Processes

Personal Information

I am currently working as a Research Assistant under Prof. Ying-yi Hong, after graduating from the Postgraduate Certificate in Psychology (Distinction), The University of Hong Kong. I am interested in the bio/neuro basis of human cognition and behavior and have the plan to pursue Ph.D study in the field. 

Apart from work, I also enjoy readings on all kinds of topics, working-out, hiking, movies, and spending time with my cat.


Yu Qian (余倩)

Email: qianyu at
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Lab: Culture Lab

Research Interest

Cognitive/Behavioral/Affective Neuroscience

Perception of time, number, space, and event

Language, emotion, decision making, sleep, and aging related problems

My ultimate goal is to combine self-report questionnaires, behavioural experiments, neuroimaging, and computational modelling together to address the problems I am interested in.