Culture Lab

​​Identity, Decision Making, & Intergroup Processes

"Interdisciplinary Collaboration- Applying Neuroscience Methods to Study Socio-cultural Phenomena", Research Seminar at the Department of Psychology, the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Delivered on 21 February, 2017

"Multicultural mind and Multicultural self – Linking Culture, Identity, and Brain", delivered at 2016 International Conference on Multiculture and Education, 4-5 November 2016, Incheon, Korea.

"Cultural Attachment – Applying Attachment Theory to Understand Multicultural Competence", Talk delivered at the “Chinese Psychology: Current Theories and Models in Understanding 1.4 Billion People”, Michigan State University Symposium on
Multicultural Psychology, April 14, 2017

Attached article:

Hong, Y., & Bobby K., C. (in press). How Does Culture Matter in the Face of Globalization? Perspectives on Psychological Science.

You are welcome to download the slides from Prof. Hong's past presentations.

​“Dynamic Cultural Neuroscience” Keynote Speech at the International Symposium on Cognition and Neuroscience, Singapore, February, 2016.

​​“Multicultural Mind and Multicultural Self – Linking Culture, Cognition, and Identity” talk delivered at the Departmental Colloquium, Psychology Department, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA, April, 2016.

"Applying Experimental Social Psychology to Understand Bribe-Giving in Chinese Context" presentation at Tsing Hua University, October 25, Beijing

Seminar at CUHK-Tsinghua MBA in Finance, visit in Hong Kong. Delivered on 2 December, 2016 at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

"Do Multicultural Identities Challenge Traditions or Create the Future?" Keynote delivered at the 23rd  international Congress of IACCP, August 2, 2016: Nagoya, Japan

​​​​“Why and how does culture matter for Chinese management?” Keynote delivered at the IACMR conference, Hangzhou, China, June 15-19, 2016.