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​​Identity, Decision Making, & Intergroup Processes

Most Recent Papers

Huff, S., Lee, F., & Hong, Y. (in press). Bicultural and Generalized Identity Integration Predicts Interpersonal Tolerance. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology.

Friedman, R., Hong, Y., Simons, T., Chi, S-C., Oh, S-H, Lachowicz, M. (in press). The Impact of Culture on Reactions to Promise Breaches: Differences between East and West in Behavioral Integrity Perceptions. Group and Organization Management.

Liu, Z., Liu, X-X., Hong, Y., Brockner, J., Tam, K., & Li, Y. (in press). Is individual bribery or organizational bribery more intolerable in China (versus in the United States)? Advancing Theory on the Perception of Corrupt Acts.  Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes. 

Liao, H., Hong, Y., & J. Rounds (in press). Perception of subtle racism: The role of group status and legitimizing ideologies. The Counseling Psychologist.

Christopoulos, G., Liu, X. X., & Hong Y. (in press). Toward an Understanding of Dynamic Moral Decision Making: Model-Free and Model-Based Learning. Journal of Business Ethics.

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